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1. prompt service definition | English definition dictionary | Reverso


2. prompt service definition | English dictionary for learners …


prompt · 2 · If you prompt someone when they stop speaking, you encourage or help them to continue. If you prompt an actor, you tell them what their next line is …

3. prompt | Free On-Line English Dictionary | Thesaurus …


definition 1: done immediately, without delay. I was impressed by his prompt return of my phone call. Prompt service is expected in a fast food restaurant. synonyms: expeditious, immediate, instant, instantaneous, punctual, quick, swift antonyms: delayed, late, tardy similar words: brisk, rapid, summary.

4. To Insure Prompt Service – definition of To Insure Prompt …


Baseball A pitched ball that is tipped: a foul tip. [From Middle English tippe, a tap, perhaps of Low German origin.] tip 4.

5. Prompt – definition of prompt by The Free Dictionary


Carried out or performed without delay: a prompt reply. tr.v. promptĀ·ed … for payment of the debt incurred by purchasing goods or services on credit … 2. prompt – ready and willing or quick to act; "she is always prompt to help her friends";.

6. What does prompt mean? – Definitions.net


Webster Dictionary(3.00 / 1 vote)Rate this definition: · Prompt(noun) a limit of time given for payment of an account for produce purchased, this limit varying with …

7. Prompt | Definition of Prompt by Merriam-Webster


Prompt definition is – to move to action : incite. How to use prompt in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of prompt.

8. Prompt | Definition of Prompt by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico …


What is the definition of prompt? What is the meaning of prompt? How do you use prompt in a sentence? What are synonyms for prompt?

9. PROMPT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary


prompt definition: 1. to make something happen: 2. to make someone … prompt payment/delivery/service The message at the top of the bill is …

10. Prompt definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary


Prompt definition: To prompt someone to do something means to make them decide to … If you prompt an actor, you tell them what their next line is when they have … for payment of the debt incurred by purchasing goods or services on credit.

11. courteous, prompt service, or a quality product – Indeed


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12. prompt – Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com



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