Sample Motivation Letters for Internship Application

In this article, you’re going to get your hands on some Sample Motivation Letters for internship application. You can download them in either PDF or Doc formats.

Let’s admit it—you’re highly like to get a job easily if you’ve joined an internship program in a renowned company.

Even if the company is a start-up, being an intern still counts. That’s why it changes the whole game while looking for a dream job—the job of your type, based on your personal preference and interests.

The samples of motivation letter for internship that you’ll be able to get your hands on in this comprehensive editorial will have you satisfied as they’ve been reviewed by the professional experts—the people who have been handling this type of stuff for a long period of time.

Motivation Letter for Internship

No matter if you’re a student or you’re done with graduation or post-graduation, a motivation letter for internship should mean the world to you for it can bring unlimited job possibilities (opportunities) for you.

If prepared the right way, a motivation letter could effortlessly get you joined in your most dreamt internship program, and guess what—you’d be able to work and learn in your dream company. That’s why getting your head around all the ins and outs of internship motivation letter preparation is a must.

Motivation Letter for Internship

Download this letter below!

Therefore, a motivation letter, just like the internship, is a golden opportunity for you to get the most out of. Yes, you read it right—missing out on this chance may have you regret the decision in the future and we don’t want you to go through something like that.

Sample Motivation Letter for Internship [PDF]

While preparing a real motivation letter by taking a closer look at the PDF, Docx, or other files that we’ve arranged for you here, always make sure that you don’t forget to mention the current date (write the date on which you’re writing the letter).

Just like that, you can’t go on without writing your full name and the complete address, along with the contact medium so that the employer can easily reach out to you to discuss further steps with regard to the internship program (in case they decide to get you onboard).

Motivation Letter for Internship (Page 1)

Download this letter below!

Motivation Letter for Internship (Page 2)

Download this letter below!

The internship application is a very important part and that’s why you can’t make any mistake. Stating why you’re the best candidate for the internship in the motivation letter is the must-do thing for this will increase the odds of being selected/chosen for the internship.

Motivation Letters for Internship with Examples

Will we provide you with examples of the motivation letters for the internship program you’re willing to join?

Of course, we’ll offer you the samples withexamples.

That examples that we’ve included in this article are perfectly laying out all the details—right the way they should be. However, based on your personal information and interest in the internship, your motivation letter will likely look different.

Our main intention to guide you through the samples is to give you an overview of sight of what your end motivation letter should look like. If you’re conducting research on something, you could also include that in the letter to leave a positive message to the addressee.

Other things may include enlisting your academic experience, your specializations, and your background details. This will bring more details to life and give the employer a reason why you’re the prime candidate for the internship.

Internship Motivation Letter for Freshers/Experienced

If this isn’t your first time writing the Motivation Letter for Internship, we strongly believe that you’ve already been an intern in a previous company. That means, you no longer are a fresher and it should be an advantage.

Even if you’re a fresher, there’s nothing to be afraid of as the internship motivation letter works like a charm for both freshers and experienced candidates. All you need to pay attention to are the details in the letter and how you curate them.

There’s nothing wrong with shedding light on the previous position that you had in the previous company (in case of being an experienced applicant). This would show the position you’re more suitable or comfortable with.

Some aspirants even list the responsibilities to leave a good impression on HR. However, if you put too much details about responsibilities, it would look unnatural and we want you to avoid that at all costs.

How to Write a Motivation Letter for Internship?

Just like writing an application to get admission to a university requires you to do it professionally, writing a motivation letter is no different.

Here are the things we think are important:

  • You’ve got to follow the right format for writing an internship motivation letter. We suggest you go with the “Business Letter” format.
  • Always remember to write your name, address, and contact information so HR could easily reach out to you. This needs to be done with a proper salutation.
  • Include the past experience with other companies (if you have any), or lay out details of your academics, achievements you have gained in the past, etc.
  • Always communicate with the HR or the person you’re addressing using a gentle tone i.e. don’t act as if you’re talking to a friend. Here, professionalism is the key to getting approved. Most importantly, don’t use slangs.
  • Adding a little information about the extracurricular activities might also encourage HR to hire you for the internship program as this will show that you’re not only limited to work—i.e. you’re also creative and imaginative.
  • When closing the motivation letter for the internship application, always end it with a proper signature and thank-you note.

So, there you have it—a detailed guide on how sample motivation letters for internship application work and how you could make the most out of them. You should write the motivation letter using positive adjectives and make sure that your content is free from grammatical mistakes or it will leave a negative message to the addressee.

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