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The beginning of a Postdoctoral fellowship motivational letter does get a lot of effort and considerations. Many candidates wonder what they should put on their cover letter along with an application for Postdoctoral Fellowship Motivational Letter.

While they misinterpret that the thing they are looking for is what they have gained throughout the course of their studies. The only factors that contribute to writing a strong Motivation letter for Postdoc are knowledge, expertise, and passion for driving their academia forward. It does start with the respective date and is followed by a proper salutation.

Motivation Letter for PostDoc

Motivation Letter Sample for Postdoc

In this letter, you need to address to the respective PI so as to clarify the entire motive. In the first paragraph, explain the motive behind applying for a postdoc fellowship. The second paragraph usually sums up your project work is undertaken, such as thesis and dissertation. The third paragraph needs to translate your research into a benefit for the organization wherein you’re applying for the fellowship.

Sample Letter for Postdoctoral (PostDoc) 1

Sample Letter for Postdoctoral (PostDoc) First Page

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Sample Letter for Postdoctoral (PostDoc) 2

Sample Letter for Postdoctoral (PostDoc) 2nd Page

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The first benefit of writing a postdoc motivational letter is that it assures your entry to the fellowship program and is considered as your trump card, which makes your application a strong contender for the fellowship.

How to Write a Motivation Letter for Postdoc?

Before you compile a Postdoc Motivation letter, you need to do the usual research thoroughly about your own work was done previously. Mention about your postdoctoral work and your ongoing research activities. State about your contribution to the previous projects and how they were helpful in real-life. Clearly specify what make you intrigued about the applied programme and what more you can do in the future post joining the university or institution. Take a look at the example given below.

Cover Letter Sample for PostDoc Position [PDF]

Remember to mention all your significant academic accomplishments, including your area of specialization. State all the previous work experience and stress on how your qualifications fit well right in for the role of research fellow. Relate your education and research to the organization and mention why you showed your interest in a particular type of organization. Refrain from adding unnecessary details about yourself and avoid using overwhelming words that sound rather more flattering. Thank the authority in advance before winding up your letter. This letter of motivation should be articulated nicely and must be presentable to impress the judging panel with your editing skills.

Motivation Letter Sample for Postdoc Application

Given above is the response from the office to the candidates upon selection for the fellowship. Please consider following section for the further idea on Motivation Letter Sample for Postdoc fellowship.

Motivation Letter for Postdoc

As clear from the example, the candidate used a confident tone throughout the letter stating all his major work done in the past along with necessary educational records. Always remember that the flow of content should go along with the details highlighted in your resume. Whatever is included in your resume, make sure to elaborate it further in the letter to aware the judges that you have adequate practical knowledge of your working area with past working experience.

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