Motivation Letter for Mortgage with Example (Sample/Template)

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Do you think that your lender is going to lend you the mortgage without getting their head around whether or not you qualify for the mortgage?

If you are thinking that getting a mortgage through any mortgage lender is an easy-peasy job, you need to think again because that’s not how it is—apart from being eligible, you’ll be in need of writing a motivation letter for mortgage so that lender could have faith in you or what you’re saying.

Motivation Letter for Mortgage

That’s why when you consider buying your dream house, you don’t want to miss out on the writing of a motivation letter for mortgage because that’s going to increase the odds of getting a mortgage to a greater extent.

In this thorough guide, we’ll look at what exactly a mortgage motivational letter is, why you need it, and what is the step-by-step process to write it. For your better understanding, we’d also be laying out some samples/templates that’d be available in .pdf, .docx, and .txt files.

Motivation Letter for Mortgage

Let’s understand what a motivation letter is:

A motivation letter is a letter that is written to motivate the addressee (the person whom you address in the letter) to persuade someone, especially who you’re writing the letter to, to do something in favor of what you’ve asked.

In this case, our purpose would be to get a mortgage without facing any trouble in the end-to-end process. Although it’s true that the lender will ask you questions about the financial history of yours, if you want it to work like a charm without sharing lots of details, it is better if you write a motivation letter for mortgage.

So, writing a motivation letter to get the mortgage could be considered one of the steps of prequalifying for a mortgage loan. If you fail to prequalify, we don’t think the lender will lend you any mortgage, but on the flip side, if you’re confident and has a good FICO® score, among other things, you’ll prequalify it without any issue.

Motivation Letter for Mortgage with Example

We hope you’ve understood what exactly a motivation letter is and why you need to write one to qualify for a mortgage loan. Let’s now have a glimpse at some examples via samples or templates that our experts have curated just for you:

Motivation Letter Template for a Mortgage

Motivation Letter Template for a Mortgage

Download this letter below!

Buying a house means a lot—especially if you’ve been digging for it for a long time. But, not everybody is born rich or billionaire, and a mortgage is the only option people are left with—however, this doesn’t mean that they should give up.

Just like you go through all the nitty-gritty of a house buying guide, don’t think for a moment that the lender, who will be lending you the mortgage, won’t be analyzing your FICO score and financial record of the previous years.

Therefore, the rule of thumb is that you need to prepare yourself for the mortgage qualification, and writing a motivation letter for mortgage is going to increase the odds of getting approved to a great extent.

Motivation Letter for Mortgage Sample (Template)

It’s about time you go through some templates or samples of motivation letter for a mortgage loan with an intention to easily qualify for the mortgage loan.

Remember, although you might see similarities in the rules that most lenders ask you to agree with, based on the specific lender, the guidelines may differ. So, first read all the guidelines carefully, and when you’re confident that you can prequalify for the mortgage, go on for the mortgage.

Motivational Letter for Mortgage

Download this letter below!

After doing thorough research, if you believe that your lender is asking for too much information, you can ask the lender to skip the details and go with the information that is mandatory.

If you’ve been maintaining a good FICO (credit) score and you’ve got plenty of money in your bank account, you’re likely to get the approval for the mortgage loan (although, it’s still hard without a motivation letter).

Motivation Letter for Mortgage [PDF, Docx, Txt]

The best part of having a motivation letter for prequalifying your mortgage is that it is available on our website in many different file formats, namely, .pdf, .txt, and .docx so that you could download any file based on the software you’re using on your PC or smartphone, be it MacBook or iPhone.

Viewing the PDFs when you’re offline (when not connected to the internet) is the best thing you could experience if you’re having a revision of the things you have to mention in the motivation letter. You’re meant to follow every single step of the process because, if you skip any, you would not be able to get the mortgage.

If a .pdf file is not what you’re on the lookout for, you could consider other formats—.docx or .txt (a plain text file—no text formatting included). However, if you download a pdf file and share it with your friends, you might need to upload it which would consume your Internet data. Therefore, sharing the link of this page is the best practice in this case.

Motivation Letter for Mortgage (FAQs)

If you’re looking forward to buying your dream house, you must be having the answers to all questions.

Let’s take a look:

1. How many paragraphs should you write?

1. You should follow a 3-5-paragraph rule and you, under any circumstances, cannot make it more than 1 page.

2. Where to write my name?

2. This is important. Your name needs to be written both on the top and at the bottom of the letter. While writing your name on the top, don’t forget to put down your full address information. At the bottom, you could also use your signature.

3. Is writing date mandatory?

3. Not only writing data mandatory but also it showcases your trait of being professional. The people who successfully get to persuade the lender are the ones to easily get the mortgage for their house.

4. What about the font?

4. While the perfect alignment plays a side role, you must also be aware of which font to use. Although Poppins font looks great while making headings, you can’t use it. That’s why we suggest you either use Arial or Verdana.

Wrapping Up

If you wish the lender to approve your mortgage with no issues at all, you cannot fail to get the most out of templates or samples of “Motivation Letter for Mortgage” that we’ve talked about in this article above. If you still have any questions with regard to prequalifying for the mortgage or writing a motivation letter, feel free to reach out to our experts using the contact us page.

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