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No matter if you’re completing your graduation from a university or you’re a working in a private, government, or multinational company, motivation is one of the must-haves that you need for the growth. If you lack motivation you lack confidence, and this is commonly seen among the people who try out something for the first time in their lives.

To offer the students and other people all around the world, we thought that hosting a website about it would be perfect for them. A place where people could not only learn how motivation helps in achieving a dream but also how to stay motivated all the time. At first, this was our idea, but later we also end up providing such people the formats of motivation letters.

Who We Are



We, at MotivationalLetter.net, bring fascinating formats or templates of motivational letters (or motivation letter) to the table so that students, interns, graduates, post-graduates, employees, from different parts of the world (including you) could find peace of mind and use the motivation letter to get accepted for a job, internship, university admission, etc.

To make it even more fun, we have provided different types of formats of the motivation letters, such as PDF, .TXT, JPG, and more. This gives people more versatility and comfort while download the templates of motivation letters from our website.

How We Do It



To make a perfect-looking motivation letter template for different purposes, we examine the goal that it serves carefully and then lay out all the details the right way. This way, what you have written in the motivation letter will never go unnoticed. Plus, as you know that a motivation letter that has been written professionally and has no grammatical errors in it will more likely to get accepted.

Having said that, our team makes sure that your voice is always heard by the HR of the company or the professor at a university while getting selected for whatever it is that you’re applying for. So, you can rest assured if you’re concerned about your selection for a job, admission, or an internship.

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